Thursday, October 16, 2008

Boys will be Boys...with leaves

The same day I took the fall leaves photos, Gabe had the idea that we should rake the leaves into a pile and not jump into them, but instead, ride bikes through them.
Sounds like a typical boy idea to me.
I couldn't find the rake, so I had to use a broom {quite a funny sight...should have gotten some photos of that. Cooper kept asking why I was cleaning the grass!}
Anyway, the boys would start at the top of a little hill and wait at the 'starting line' while I would 'sweep' the leaves into a pile between rounds. They were sitting at the starting line 'revving' their engines, and were fully into this activity. Then when I'd say go, they race down the hill to the bottom where the pile was. Gabe won the 'race' every time, but Cooper was oblivious and didn't care. It wasn't really about the racing, as much as it was just about riding through those leaves.
They thought this was a blast, watching the leaves blow through the air as they plowed through the pile on their bikes.
We did it over and over and over again.
Who knew leaves could be so fun?!?

{Love Gabe's intense face in the photo below. Click on the photo to see it enlarged.}

After riding the bikes through the leaves, we did the typical leaf play activities...throwing them in the air and burying ourselves in them.
{Got a few actions shots of Gabe throwing leaves.}

{Gabe thought it was hilarious to throw leaves at mom.}

{Love the two closeups below of the boys buried in leaves.}

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