Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Cooper's Makeover

I gave the boys haircuts the other night.
Gabe's cut was more of a trim, but I had let Cooper's hair grow out so his cut was more of a makeover.
Gabe and Cooper have completely different hair texture. Gabe's is fine and straight like Jason's hair, while Cooper's is more coarse and has some body like mine.
So, I can let Cooper's hair grow out and it looks cute longer, whereas Gabe's fine textured hair is better kept short.
Anyway, all of a sudden, Coop looks like a big boy with his new haircut. It's funny how a simple haircut can change a kid's whole look. I'm missing my little boy, but Coop does look quite handsome with his new shorter style.
{As of late, Cooper doesn't smile for photos. It's either a
funny face or a serious face as you can see in the photos below.}
So here's the before...

And After... {TaDa!}

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Anonymous said...

I thought he looked different in the Zingo post. He looks so much more grown up! (sniff sniff)