Thursday, October 30, 2008

Costume Crisis Overted

The costume mix-up I posted about last night was not a problem at all this morning as I got Cooper dressed for school.
As long as the costume involved a cape, he was good with it.
You never know what it's going to take to please a 3-year-old!
The only struggle we had this morning was Coop's request that I call him Superman. When I'd forget and call him by his common name, he'd say, "No mom, I'm Superman, not Cooper!"
It was long as I called him Superman, I had his total cooperation.
Of course I took advantage of the situation and asked my superhero to pose for a few photos.
I asked Cooper what kinds of things Superman can do...
{Able to leap tall walls in a single bound}

Then I asked Cooper to give me his best 'Superman face.'
{Superman is Silly}

Then Coop showed me his 'flying' pose.

I'm thinking we spent a little too much time practicing to be the wrong superhero yesterday.
Oh well, he's still pretty darn cute!

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Anonymous said...

You just never know how they will react do you? Thank goodness he didn't care. His superhero poses are too funny!