Thursday, October 9, 2008

More Gabe Photos

I had to post Gabe's latest photos. Many of you will remember the start of Gabe's photography hobby a few months back. {If not, click on the 'few months back' gotta see these professional-looking pics Gabe shot!}
Today Gabe's subjects were again Chloe and I, and just look at the different expressions he got out of Chloe. Too bad she was looking at his hat instead of the camera, but still very cute photos of Chloe. I look a bit tired {Jason and Coop have been sick again with a stomach bug, which makes for long days for mom} but I wanted to post these anyway 'cause Chloe's so darn cute!

A little later, Gabe also captured this photo of Chloe. He then decided she'd had enough and the photo shoot ended.

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