Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Gettin' Ready

Why is it that getting ready to go on vacation is so tiring?
Maybe it's the neat freak perfectionist in me that feels like I have to have my home spotless when I leave on vacation. After all, who wants to be welcomed home from vacation with a mess?
Maybe it's the boundless to-do's that seem they have to be done before we leave on vacation.
Maybe it's because we're currently in the midst of a massive house renovation that does not go on vacation just because we do.
Or maybe it's simply to make me appreciate that vacation even more.
Regardless of the reason, I am tired and I am ready for a vacation!
Today I spent the day cleaning and finally painting the stairs that I have been putting off painting. They look so great...why didn't I do that before?
Tomorrow will be laundry day, followed by packing day on Thursday.
Is it Friday yet?
Anyway, totally unrelated to today's post is the following photo of Chloe I captured this past weekend.
At the time she was doing her doggy noises, 'woof, woof.'
But I'm thinking it looks more like she's doing a fish impersonation.
Either way, isn't she a cutie?!?

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