Friday, October 10, 2008

Simply Said

{Above photo taken on Wisconsin Dells Trip, Winter 2008.}

Gabe and I had a conversation the other day. This is one of those conversations that is so simple, yet means so much. I didn’t want to forget the details and won’t now that I am posting it here.
Keeping in mind that I cry at the drop of a hat, the tears did flow when this exchange of words took place. Sometimes experiences phrased so simply mean the most. I'm sure there would have been days when a conversation so seemingly mundane could have passed me by without a thought. But something about the details Gabe remembered so fondly made this one conversation to remember.

{Note: The following took place right after Gabe came home from school and was excited to see that everyone was sleeping except me.}

Gabe: Hey Mom.
Me: Hey What?
Gabe: I’m remembering something great!
Me: What’s that?
Gabe: I remember the last time Cooper and Chloe were still asleep when I came home from school. You remember?
Me: Yeah.
Gabe: And we went outside to play and you pitched balls to me. Remember?
Me: Yeah.
Gabe: And then you asked if I missed you while I was at school and I said, ‘A little.’ Remember?
Me: Yeah. {Remembering, but shocked he remembers so clearly!}
Gabe: And then you said, ‘Just a little?’ And I said, ‘Yeah.’ Remember?
Me: Yeah.
Gabe: And then you started to chase me and you caught me and tickled me because you said I should miss you a lot while I’m at school, not just a little. Remember?
Me: Yeah. I sure do. {Tearing up, realizing that this event obviously meant a lot to him.}
Gabe: Well then, ask me again if I miss you while I’m at school. {...said with a beaming face.}
Me: {Speechless, smiling and in tears.}
Gabe: Ask me....{in a playful, half laughing voice.}
Me: {Pulling it together...} Ok, do you miss me while you're at school?
Gabe: {Laughing} A little {then runs looking for me to chase him, and I did with pleasure.}

It's times like this that a child remembers. Times when he knows your attention is all on him, and that at that moment, nothing else matters but playing with him and spending time with him. No preoccupations, no interruptions, just you and him. Times when you're silly, times when you're goofy. Times that may only take a few moments but last a lifetime. It usually means putting off that load of laundry that needs washed or waiting to do bills until they're asleep. But those are the times they remember, and the times I remember too.


juliemk said...

How sweet!

Anonymous said...

AGH! That makes me tear up just reading it! It's so true. It's those little times when YOU think it isn't a big deal. Those are the times they remember. Gabe is just too smart for his own good :)