Monday, October 27, 2008

Long Weekend

So you're all probably wondering where I've been.
I've been busy!
This weekend was the Ladies Night Out event at our church and I was asked to sing two songs with my singing partner in crime, Shawna. Now since we both have terrible stage fright, it always takes a lot out of us to sing. Between practicing our songs, the anticipation of having to sing them in front of nearly 200 ladies, and praying we don't forget the words, it's been a long weekend. But I'm glad to report the event went off without a hitch, and I pray that many ladies were impacted with the awesome love that Jesus has for us!
I also wanted to give a Cooper update. He felt great all weekend, with no vomiting or diarrhea. But again, this morning, he got sick. And two hours later, he was fine again! This is really the strangest illness I've ever heard of! If this keeps happening, the next step is an appointment with a pediatric gastrointestinal doctor. And we leave for vacation on Friday, so we're hoping that we either get him seen by this specialist, or Cooper completely gets over this illness before then. The latter would be great, so please pray for that! But as of right now, he's been feeling great all afternoon. We'll just wait and see what happens next.
I do have to share one more event from the weekend...a big surprise from my husband! We were sitting at the table Friday night and Jason asked me to go get his work bag because he said he had some cards in there for me to look at from Pastor Appreciation Month. I looked in his bag and right away see the cards and pulled them out of the bag, proceeding to zip it back up. Jason, rolling his eyes, says, "Wait, wait, wait! Look in the bag again! There might be something else in there!" Considering how non-observant I am, I don't think he was too surprised it took two looks. So, I looked in the bag again and see a brand new laptop! I was shocked! I have been wanting a laptop for well over five years, but had just never gotten one. There's always something better to spend the money on, and after all, I have a perfectly good desktop computer. But Jason thought it was time to get me one, and I am thrilled. And it's even a 'just because' special occasion! Have I said how wonderful my hubbie is!!!
So I thought it only proper to post a photo of me with my new laptop!
Now you can see what I used to type this post...


Anonymous said...

AWWW Lucky you! What a sweet husband Jason is! I love how you have your blog up on the screen too :)

Poor Cooper! (and mom!) It's terrible when our kids are sick escpecially when it makes no sense! Hopefully he will get feeling better before (and during) your trip.

*****To whoever reads these comment- Angie was awesome at the ladies night out.. Her voice is terrific and gave me goosebumps. She shouldn't have been nervous because she rocks!

The Sanders Family said...'re too sweet! Really!!!