Monday, October 13, 2008

Classroom Helper

This afternoon I had the privilege of helping in Gabe's Kindergarten class. I was really wondering what Gabe would do. His behavior has been rather unpredictable lately. He's shown signs that he's already 'too cool' for mom, not wanting me to wait outside for him to get off the bus because he's 'too big.' Yet, he's also cried when I stopped by the classroom because he didn't want me to leave. Two very opposite reactions, which is why I didn't know what to expect today. Much to my delight, Gabe was very excited to see me. He wanted to hold my hand as we walked to the library and to music class. He had told all of his friends his mom was coming today and had anticipated my arrival all morning. And he was truly overjoyed to have me in class with him.
It was heartwarming to me, really.
And I finally got to see for myself all the things
Gabe has been telling me about his classroom routine
and meet all of his new friends.
Perhaps the best part was when Gabe got home from school
and said,
"Mom! Can you come again tomorrow?
My friends thought you were so cool!"
So, my school visit was a success and Gabe's not too cool for me yet. And maybe, just maybe, my little boy will be my little boy for just a bit longer.

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