Friday, October 17, 2008

Favorite Scents

I LOVE Perfume!
I don't think I go one day without wearing perfume. It's such a habit, I wear it no matter what I will be doing that day: church, taking the kids to school, painting the house, exercising. It just doesn't matter what the activity is, I'm going to smell good doing it.
Anyway, I often get asked, 'What's that scent you're wearing?' So why not devote a post to my perfume preferences. After all, it's my blog and I will write what I want to, right?!?
And maybe my wonderful, thoughtful husband will happen upon this and have a guide for future reference. Although I'm not sure he needs any help...he recently bought me #5 on my list 'just because.' Ahhhh...isn't he great!
So here's a few of my all time favorite scents, in no particular order:
{Keep in mind, I tend to like floral, light scents. No musky man-like fragrance for me! And...I always recommend buying lotion if they make one in the same scent. Layering lotion and perfume always makes the perfume scent last so much longer!}
1. Amazing Grace by Philosophy

2. Burberry London
{Not to be confused by any other Burberry scent, because this one is the only one I like. The Burberry perfume names are so similar, it's easy to buy the wrong one!}

3. Ralph Lauren Romance
{One time in college, I had a guy stop me and ask me what perfume I was wearing because he wanted to buy some for his sister. Maybe it was a line, but regardless, I was wearing this.}

4. Clinique Happy

5. Hollister Malaia

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