Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Ready for School

I guess this is Cooper-themed Wednesday because I have another Cooper story to share!
I was in the bathroom cleaning when I hear,
"Mom, I'm ready for school."
I was so busy cleaning that I didn't even look at Cooper.
I just replied,
"Cooper, you don't have school today. School's tomorrow babe."
Cooper, not satisfied with my reply, says,
"But mom, look at me! I'm ready for school!"
I look at Cooper only to see this sight:

He thought it was so funny, he proceeded to laugh and laugh.
Not a small laugh, but a hearty, kneeling over holding your belly kind of laugh.

So, thinking I could have a little fun with this, I said,
"Ok, let's go Coop!"
I grab my car keys and purse and proceed to walk up the stairs.
Cooper, laughing, says,
"But mom, I'm in my underwear."
I said,
"Well, you always wear underwear to school."
Cooper says,
"But mom, I don't have any clothes on!"
"Oh silly me!" I said, and head back down the stairs.
Cooper replied,
"You forgot, didn't you mom!"

Wonder what Mrs. Ferguson would say if I did forget and brought Cooper to school looking like this? I know I'm forgetful, but hopefully it would never come to that!

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Anonymous said...

AWW How funny! I love when they crack themselves up like that! That is such a good picture of him in the Cooper friend post!