Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Our Chatter Box

Chloe had ear tube surgery this morning. The surgery went really well, but since this is our third child who has had this surgery, it's amazing how routine it has gotten for us.
One factor that is different with each child is how they will wake up from the surgery. The general anesthetic had a very different effect on each of our children.
Gabe has actually had surgery twice. Once to put tubes in his ears when he was about 18 months old and once, just a few months ago, to take one of the tubes out that didn't fall out on its own. Both times Gabe was very, very sleepy, opening his eyes for a few minutes and then falling right back to sleep.
Cooper had tubes put in when he was about 13 months old. He woke up from surgery crying, and cried for about an hour straight.
And then there's Chloe. Jason & I were sitting in a recovery room where they put people waiting for family members to wake up from surgery. We could hear Chloe from clear down the hall. The nurse said as soon as she woke up, she sat up and started talking. "Mommy...Daddy...Blankie," she was just chattering away.
The nurse who brought Chloe to us was laughing and said,
"She's a Chatter Box, isn't she." So true!
Chloe talks and talks, lots of it being jibberish, but with a few real words mixed in. Her expression while talking is the best, either becoming really serious and placing her hand on you while she's talking, almost like she's saying, "now listen to this." Or, she's really silly with lots of influx between words and a big smile on her face.
It's exciting now that her own baby language is becoming intermingled with more and more words that we can actually recognize. I thought I'd take this opportunity to record a few of her vocabulary words as of late.

Chloe's Favorite Words at 16 months old:
Mommy...Daddy...Doggie...Kitty...Night-Night...Hi...Bye...Grandma...Grandpa...Gee {Gabe}...Pooker {Cooper}...Chloe {Says her own name very clear}...What's that? {She says this a lot}...No {She says this a lot too}...Yes {Wish she said this more}...Apple...Fish...Nana {Banana}...Cheese {Nope, not the food. Mom takes too many pictures}
These are her most commonly used words. She's growing so fast, getting so big and looking less and less like a baby and more and more like a little lady.
*Tear, Tear*
Why can't they stay little just a little longer?

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