Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Special Christmas Gift

We kicked off the unwrapping of many Christmas presents last night at Jason's parents' home.

Understandably, the kids were super excited.
But we did manage to get them to pose for a quick photo in front of the Christmas tree.

Then came the presents.

Many were unwrapped...
{please excuse the photo quality. My camera flash was being testy last night!}

But one gift definitely stood out among the rest.

Grandma helped Chloe unwrap a very special box containing a new shirt for Chloe to wear...

And then she wore it.

Grandma was shocked.
Grandpa didn't understand at first, but got it eventually.
How about you?
Do you get the shirt's message?

That's right...

we're pregnant again!

I am 9 weeks pregnant,
and the baby's due date as of now is August 5.

How's that for a Christmas present!

I'll share more details later,
after you've gotten over the shock of this big announcement :)


Anonymous said...

OMGOSH!!!!! Congrats you guys! You are killing me.. I am so jealous.. Make sure you post all about how crummy you feel and how hard it is to take care of three kids while pg.. Even if it isn't (and I hope you feel great this time around) just feel free to lie..
I am happy for you guys though!! You might as well fill up that house :)

Love the little shirt too!

Anonymous said...

OOOOH MY GOODNESS!!!!!!!!! Congratulations!!!:) Just a little bummed I had to find out through the blog!:)ha! Hope to see you soon!!!!

Unknown said...

Ahhhh...Suz!! Thanks! Sorry you found out on the blog too :) Thought I'd see you sooner. I hope to see you soon too!!! Miss ya!

Anonymous said...

Wow! Awesome news! Congratulations!

hsmtammi said...

This reminds me of when Keith and I had the family over for Christmas in 96' to make our big first announcement. And Keith blurts out to everyone, "We're pregnant!" and I thought, what do you mean "we're??"