Thursday, August 28, 2008

Beach Bound

We have booked our annual fall family vacation, and after much thought and many options, we have chosen our destination: Myrtle Beach.
We wanted to go somewhere warm that will enable us to get out and enjoy the great outdoors during our trip since we're going in November. With three little ones, even after you bundle them up, they still complain about being cold if outside for extended periods of time in cold weather, or at least our three little ones do.
We also wanted to choose someplace that we could drive to in a day. South Carolina is cutting it close, with our destination being 19.5 hours from home. But it's better than California, which we drove back in 2004. Gabe was 19 months old, I was about 4 weeks pregnant with Cooper and we drove straight through over 1600 miles the first day, spent the night in Reno, Nevada, and drove about 400 more miles the following day to get to our destination: Yosemite National Park in California.
Oh my goodness, did I mention that I was pregnant and Gabe was 19 months old. I was sick, literally, vomiting on the side of the road. Gabe was more than tired of riding in his car seat. And Jason was tired of listening to us both complain! Needless to say, it was a long road trip!
After that long journey, anything else seems like a cake walk to us!
Gabe is super excited about our vacation because he's been asking to go see the ocean ever since he saw the movie 'Waterhorse', which I highly recommend by the way. I hope he's not expecting to see a sea creature!
And what could be better than getting photos of the kids and our family like this one:

{obviously not our kids, but picture our kids and family in their place. I will have endless photos to share after our vacation!}
Anyway, it sounds like there's a ton for a family to do while in Myrtle Beach. Our resort, which is an exchange we made through our timeshare, is a beach front getaway and has 3 bedrooms for our family to dwell in for the week. Who could ask for more?!?
So have any of you been to Myrtle Beach, or nearby sites we are considering visiting like Charleston, Tybee Island or Savannah, Georgia? If so, what activities are must-do and what sites are must-sees while we're there?
Any input would be appreciated...just leave a comment!
Now, only two months until vacation!

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