Friday, August 22, 2008

First Day.

Gabe woke up bright & early this morning, filled with excitement.
My first conversation this morning with Gabe went a little like this:
{Note the words between the ** were not said, just thought. I assume this would be evident, but could be confusing if not understood, lol.}
Gabe: 'Mom! Do you know what day it is?'
Me: 'I think so...'
Gabe: 'It's my first day of school!!!'
Me: 'Oh my goodness. That's great!' *trying to act very excited, but crying on the inside*
Gabe: 'Are you excited for me Mom?'
Me: 'Yes, so excited!' *excited, but sad*
Gabe: 'Mom, are you gonna cry all day without me?'
Me: 'No silly.' *Actually, just part of the day*
Gabe: 'Mom, I've asked Dad to take me to school so that you don't cry. But don't worry, you can pick me up.' *Who's the adult here, me or you?*
Me: 'That's a good idea Gabe!'
Gabe: 'Yeah, I know. I have lots of good ideas now that I'm in Kindergarten!'

So, that was our conversation. My little baby is all grown up and at Kindergarten as I type this. I'll post photos of the exciting first day later, but wanted to share the story while it was fresh in my mind.

And don't worry, I won't really cry all day! Just a little.

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