Thursday, August 21, 2008

T-ball Recap

Both boys played t-ball this summer...well, sort of. Gabe was officially on the team and Cooper wasn't because he's only 3, but since there were very small teams this year and he really wanted to play, he was able to.
Cooper was hilarious his first few games. He never showed interest in t-ball before, and had always chose to play something else while Gabe & I would play ball. So, due to this lack of practice, lack of prior interest, and general spaciness of a 3-year-old, Cooper was completely clueless at his first at-bat. He didn't really know how to swing the bat, and when he did, he tried swinging it the wrong way and hitting the ball backwards, towards the backstop. Then, once he finally did hit the ball the right direction, he would go and field the ball he just hit instead of running to first base. When he finally did run to first base, he wouldn't stop there. He just kept running. When Jason asked him, ''what are you doing Cooper,' he replied, 'Ummm, I'm just running,' exactly like Forrest Gump. It was too funny. A friend said she was tucking her four-year-old into bed, who was on the team we played against in Cooper's first game, and her son said, "Mom, that Cooper was crazy! He was like his own team!" And he was, he hit the ball and fielded the ball, all himself. Oh, and one more Cooper story, when he was suppose to be fielding and would get the ball, he would throw it directly at the runner instead of throwing it to the base. I guess he thought this was more like dodgeball.

Anyway, Cooper was great entertainment and had a wonderful time. And towards the end of the season, I'm thinking he could have earned 'most improved' because he was finally starting to get it. Cooper was starting to lose interest during the last few games and would slyly walk off between the innings and head over to the nearby playground. I guess after one round of fielding and batting, he'd had his fill and it was time to play. He is just so funny...gotta love him!

Gabe is still a hardcore baseball player and can still really rip the ball. It's been said he gets his swing from his mom :) Wonder who said that {my dad, my biggest fan ever & always of course!} My dad always loves to tell everyone how I only played one game of t-ball and then was recruited by the little league coach because I was beyond my years in skill, lol. If you can't tell, my dad likes to brag about me a little. But really, Gabe can hit that ball and just loves to play, so he had a wonderful time and would look forward to each and every game.

So, with the season now over, I thought I'd share a few photos. The only ones I have are of the last game, because the ones I took at the beginning of the season got corrupted on a different memory card. Bummer! So, you'll notice no photos of Cooper playing ball. He only lasted one at-bat that last game and then wandered over to the playground as he always does.

And now for the's Gabe hitting the ball.

Here's Gabe throwing the ball to his best friend and teammate, Brayden, playing first base.

Gabe & Bradyen playing some form of baseball kung fu.
{Five-year-olds still tend to get a little distracted once & a while on the field!}

Here's Cooper. He found a couple of playmates on the playground.
{Side note: After I took this picture, the blond girl said, 'Are you Cooper's Mommy?' I said, ''Yes, do you know Cooper?' She replied, "Yes, he's the boy we girls love." It was so funny...she was so serious! Guess I have another ladies man on my hands!}

And my other ladies man, Gabe, with his preschool friend, Kinzley.
{There's been talk of marriage between these two, so I guess we'd better keep a close watch on them. I do have to admit, they are quite a cute couple.}

Here's Brady, another of Gabe's friends from preschool. {I love this picture of him, what a cutie!}

Kinzley, Gabe & Brady being silly. {Love their expressions!}

{And all smiles...}

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