Monday, August 18, 2008

Growing Up

My little girl is growing up so fast! She’s already 15 months old, and it won’t be long before she’s not a baby anymore. Even as I type this, I realize that technically, she's probably not a baby anymore, but instead a toddler. But let me be in denial just a little longer please.
I was talking to a friend who also has three kids and we agree that there’s something about the third child that makes every moment fly by. Maybe it’s because you’re so busy with three kids! Anyway, I thought I’d share a few of the new things Chloe is doing lately.
She has become a couch potato. She climbs up onto the fireplace hearth, then onto the oversize chair that sits next to the fireplace hearth and just sits there watching everyone. If the television is on, she sits and stairs at it. Her favorite shows are The Little Einsteins and Barney, which is funny because the boys never liked Barney. But Chloe really enjoys the singing, and tries to sing and dance along with every song, which brings me to the next fact about Chloe...
She loves to sing! Her new favorite song is ‘London Bridge is Falling Down.’ We recently watched ‘The Spiderwick Chronicles,’ and one of the girls in the movie sings that song. Chloe picked it right up and now sings it all the time. And she’s quite animated, bobbing her head back and forth while she sings it...too cute! I really have to capture her performance with the camcorder soon!
Chloe is also becoming a little parrot, mimicking everything you say to her. First it was, “No, No, No!” Then, “You’re silly,” which the boys are always saying to her and then laugh when she repeats them. At t-ball, she must have heard someone call for the ball, and now has been saying the phrase, “I got it, I got it!” She’s definitely a talker, which is adorable now, but I’m sure may reach a not-so-cute phase when she’s a little older.
I am definitely enjoying every minute of her sweet, playful personality, but am also trying to figure out how to slow down this growing up! I guess it’s inevitable, we all have to grow up sometime. Well, on second thought, Jason’s just a big kid, so I guess some of us never grow up :) Gotta love him!
I'm determined to have Chloe wear pretty dresses. If she turns out to be a tomboy, she'll be a tomboy wearing dresses :) Below she's wearing one of my favorite of her summer sundresses!

Here's Chloe watching her favorite show, Barney. Just look at the joy expressed through that cute little face!

Chloe Loves to wear mom's sunglasses! Come on, doesn't she look way cute in those ginormous shades! {I know what you're thinking...Angie just misspelled a word! But nope, 'ginormous' is gigantic & enormous morphed into one all-encompassing word, so get with it, lol!}

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