Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Modern Conveniences

We are now home from our mission trip to Nicaragua. And I have to tell you I am so happy to be home with my children again! It was great to spend time with my husband, and we're thinking that for our ten year anniversary, it would be great to go on vacation together with no kids. But this was no vacation. It was a glimpse into a life that could be any one of ours if God had chosen to have us be born in a different country. But he didn't. I was born into the modern conveniences that we all use daily without thought in the United States of America...clean running water & showers, bathrooms with toilets that flush, electricity & appliances, you know, all the things we Americans think we could never live without.
Well, I have to tell you that after living without them for a week, I can't help but think that maybe these Nicaraguans are blessed to not have some of these modern conveniences because honestly, these conveniences can sometimes more often serve as distractions in our lives. The computer & internet, and more specifically blogging, can often serve as a distraction in my home. Not to mention the television tuned to the kids' favorite shows.
Without the noise of my daily life, I couldn't help but hear God more clearly. And after all, don't we all desire to hear our Lord without the noise? What great wisdom would He be willing to impart to us if we were only listening a little more clearly? These are the things I pondered as I sat in a country where the effects of poverty were evident all around me, yet a sense of peace filled my soul as I had nothing to do but be still and know that God was all around as well.

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