Saturday, August 16, 2008

Zip Line Adventures

This post is coming a day later than I said it would because of our busy day at the state fair yesterday, which I will post about soon. Anyway, better late than never, right?!?
To end our mission trip, we spent a day in Managua, Nicaragua, exploring the city. One of the adventures on our itinerary was taking a Zip line tour.
When I had initially heard we were going to go on a zipline, I was excited! I thought this was going to be a blast! But as we drove up to the zip line tour and looked out over the course that was in the middle of the city, I could see that this course was not what I had pictured. It was a course that would have us suspended 300 foot above the trees, with a lake in the middle...not exactly the little tree top to tree top zip line adventure I had imagined in my head. So needless to say, I was a bit scared. Well, more like a lot scared.
The fact that these zip line guys didn't speak English made it worse for me, especially when it came time for my turn. I had kept moving further and further back in line, and everyone in our team had already gone except Debbie. So, she's my only witness, but I got hooked up to the zip line cable when I panicked and told the guy that I couldn't go, that I wanted down. He thought I was asking for clarification as to where to put my hands and proceeded to place my hands on the lines for me and push me forward. So, I tried to chicken out, but it didn't work. And I'm actually glad it didn't, because it was so much fun. Scary, but fun!
Here's some photos from our adventure on the zip line...
Here's our group all fitted with the harnesses and ready to go. Behind us is the first of three zip line stations which make up the course.

Here's a view of the zip line cables above the water.

This is a closeup of the cables we were suspended from.

Below is our XMA guide, Terry, ready to go.

Here's Tracy being rescued by one of the zip line workers. She didn't weigh enough to make it to the first station...she's so tiny!

Below is Luke on the zip line.

And here's Luke's brother, Logan.

Here's Allie making a landing into the first zip line station.

Here's a view of Aaron on the zip line.

Alex, one of our Nicaraguan interpreters, is in the photo below.

Here I am going from station 1 to 2.

And here's Debbie ready to go!

And our smiling faces show it was a good time for all...

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