Tuesday, August 19, 2008

I Love Photoshop

I guess this is a bit of a technical post, a little departure from my kid & family themed updates. But I thought I'd share a little hobby of mine: Photoshop.
My hobby started when I took a publication design class in college for my Journalism minor. Then when I worked at a newspaper, I again used Photoshop on a daily basis. When I became a stay-at-home mom and got my Nikon digital camera, I of course HAD TO have Photoshop to edit all of those precious baby pics! And when I started doing freelance graphic design from home and used my camera to take photos for client publications, I was definitely able to justify the cost of this expensive program. It's quite a pricey program, but it's worth it!!!
I really enjoy using Photoshop to play with the different effects when editing my digital photos.
I recently took a photo of one of the giant sunflowers in our garden. I was then playing with it in photoshop, and came upon a filter effect I haven't used in awhile. It's called 'diffuse glow.' It works best with landscape shots, as it tends to add too much distortion to people. But I really liked the effect it had on the sunflower photo. Here's the results:
The first photo is of the sunflower with no filters, straight out of the camera. I love the colors and the contrast of the yellow flower against the blue sky & clouds.

Here's the photo with a diffuse glow filter added. To me, it makes the flower look whimsical and almost 3-d, like you'd imagine in a fairytale.

And of course, my preference towards black & white prompted me to put the photo into grayscale...{but I do admit, it's hard to go black & white in a photo with such vibrant colors, although I do like the contrast created.}

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